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Pagan to my Yuma.
befuddledserendipity asked: Titans are the best xD

Yeah! Go buttflags hahaha.


You haven’t had the true destiny experience until you’ve been fucked over by the cryptarch at least 30 times

befuddledserendipity asked: What's your race and type on destiny..? I'm Exo Titan :D

I’m an Awoken Titan :)

team-buttflag said: Update: I literally just got back online. I hope it gets to you as well!

You’re lucky! I still can’t go online. It seems I’m logged in on PSN but that servers message keeps showing up when I try to play…

turianbae asked: I was in the middle of doing the vault of glass with some other people and then 2 got kicked and couldnt even log into destiny after that. Sucks so much jfc

Yeah, it sucks…

Why I can’t play Destiny?! Are the servers down or something?

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30 Day Colouring Challenge

Day 5. Create a coloring for a favorite subject matter. 

Credit - PSD